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The FreshStart Bootcamp is a free 20 hour course that covers all fundamentals of learning computer science. Trainees learn about computational thinking, algorithms, functions, conditionals, abstraction, relay programming and the internet. Non-profit partners ensure that candidates are job ready to participate in internships in companies. The program is for trainees from ages 16 to 60 who are just starting or remedial in learning computer science. See more about the locations for Freshstart here.

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Stage 1: Introduction to Computer Science

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Stage 6: Algorithms

Stage 7: The Artist 2

Stage 8: Functions

Stage 9: The Farmer

Stage 10: Conditionals   And much much more!

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The fields of software, computing and computer science are plagued by tremendous underrepresentation of women, African Americans, and Hispanics. 

In high school, the Advanced Placement exam in Computer Science has the worst gender diversity across all courses, with 78 percent participation by men and 22 percent by women. Participation by students of color is 13 percent. These underrepresented groups represent 65 percent of the entire US population!

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